BJS Urban & Equine Fencing Solutions is a family owned business based in Gawler Belt SA. Our mission is to exceed our customers expectations when it comes to customer service in the fencing industry.

We believe the strength of any business is built on good word of mouth. We treat our customers the way we would like to be treated which is politely, respectfully and honestly.  This means if we say we are going to be on site at a particular time, we will be. If we are going to be late or postponed at any time, we will be in contact. We will not arrange to meet you on site and then not turn up. You can be assured to get personal service that sometimes is missing from larger organisations. One thing for sure is if you ring BJS Urban & Equine Fencing Solutions with any concerns your query will be handled in a timely manner and a resolution sought as soon as it can be.

We believe a safe work place is a happy, productive work place so we ensure that the work site is kept as tidy as possible and at the end of every day we clean up after ourselves.

Our environment is also important to us so we strive to always look for best practice to minimise any environmental impacts from what we do.

BJS Urban & Equine Fencing is licensed to construct any fence except pool fencing, brush fencing and brick fencing, and also install retaining walls up to 1 m in height. We set our posts 600 mm into the ground ensuring rigidity and stability. We have the experience and contacts to work with you to ensure the final finished fence meets all your expectations.  

We can assist you in planning your equine property to obtain the best outcome for you, your horses and your property long term, utilising equiculture equicentral techniques learnt over 40 years. We do this by consulting with you on site, discussing your land area, property set up, number of horses and required number of paddocks for resting and rotation. This process can take some time and we will share with you the fantastic fencing products available that are safe, non-toxic, low maintenance and practical. This will ensure the final result will provide you with a low input system, giving you back time to enjoy your equine friends.

We will always try and source our materials and tools from other local small/medium SA owned businesses. As we have been in and around small business most of our lives we truly understand how important it is to build relationships, support each other and have loyalty.

We offer a free follow up service 30 days after your work has been completed to ensure everything is still as it should be.