We recommend and install Woodshield posts over CCA and we DO NOT install Creosote posts or rails for our Rural and Equine fencing.  We can tailor a design along with other products from our multiple suppliers listed below to meet your required need. The suppliers of our Rural and Equine fencing products have had many years of experience and have developed a system whereby their product has an outer layer containing recycled plastic (great for the environment) meaning very little, if any maintenance (great for you). The posts are untreated (no chemical leaching)and wrapped in recycled plastic therefore no expansion or contraction meaning no rot, not rust, no pest damage and your fence fixings will not come loose due to this expansion and contraction, common with CCA or Creosote posts.. BEST of ALL they never need painting.

The Equicentral System works by utilising the natural grazing behaviour of horses to benefit the land (and ultimately the horses), their environment and the wider environment. For further information, see the Links below.

We can use a combination of fencing products together as required including:

  • Stockguard electrified tape
  • Woodshield posts
  • Whites Wire horse/stock safe mesh fencing
  • Gallagher Farm Management Solutions for permanent fencing such as electric fence energiser systems.
  • Speedrite products for electric fence systems




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